IDFA works closely with a range of partners who share our values. Every year new parties join us, raising their profiles as creative, socially committed organizations by entering into a partnership with the festival. As our Premium Partner, the BankGiro Loterij lottery supports all aspects of the festival that are geared to our audiences, with a special focus on The Best of IDFA on Tour and IDFA in Carré. This cooperation allows holders of BankGiro Loterij VIP tickets to see IDFA documentaries for free. Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant and broadcaster VPRO organize well-attended film days each year, making their own selections from the festival program during IDFA. IDFA and VICE also put out a joint call for documentary pitches, which enable talented makers to present their ideas for a VICE documentary. Additionally, in cooperation with private bank InsingerGilissen, each year we present a documentary weekend during the festival specially for the bank’s contacts. Thanks to these partners, IDFA is able to expand its activities, appeal to new and existing target groups, and together bring documentaries to the attention of a wider audience.

Existing partnerships

In 2018, we continued many of our existing partnerships, including our cooperation with the Sound and Vision institute for media culture, our partner for the IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary. Broadcaster NTR once again organized its Avond van de Wolf (Evening of the Wolf) program spotlighting three highly distinctive art documentaries. Together with De Groene Amsterdammer, IDFA presented a special day for the magazine’s subscribers in the Munt 11 cinema. Dutch public broadcaster Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO) also continued devoting extensive coverage to IDFA on its NPO2 channel. Plus, in partnership with Oxfam Novib, IDFA presented another year of the Oxfam Novib Selection. In terms of facilities, IDFA worked with Pathé, Filmtechniek, and Beamsystems. Finally, IDFA was once again supported by a large number of donors and suppliers.

New partnerships

Alongside the successful film days with our regular partners, we also organized events throughout the year in cooperation with a growing number of cultural institutions, pop music venues, and cultural hotbeds. In 2018 these included productions at the venues Skatepark NOORD/FC Hyena, Melkweg, Tolhuistuin, and Podium Mozaïek. Through these cooperations, IDFA wishes to screen documentaries in places where they wouldn’t normally be seen, to audiences who are often not familiar with the festival.

Friends of IDFA

Both businesses and private IDFA donors believe in the power of documentaries and therefore make regular contributions to the festival. In return, each donor receives according privileges, including invitations to the IDFA Specials, a Special Friends Dinner in October, a masterclass and screening at IDFAcademy Summer School, and lots more. It is also possible to support projects by filmmakers from non-Western countries, or to give to IDFA in your will. In October 2018, we launched a new option within our donation program allowing donors to support IDFA through a chosen cause. We were then able to welcome four new donors as Special Friends+. Companies wishing to support documentaries can become members of Club IDFA, with the opportunity to use the festival for film-supporting activities and marketing relations. In this way, Club IDFA members involve documentaries in in-depth discussions with clients and employees at exclusive screenings and the Club IDFA dinner, or by using film fragments during their own events.

Partner days during the festival

IDFA in Carré day with BankGiro Loterij
Oxfam Novib Selections
VPRO (P)Revi
de Volkskrant day
Volkskrant Magazine day
De Groene Amsterdammer Day

VICE Night at IDFA
CJP Decoded: IDFA in one day 
NPO 2Doc Primeurs

Programs with partners
at other locations

IDFA x Black Achievement Month
IDFA x Bijlmerpark Theater
IDFA x FC Hyena x Skatepark NOORD
IDFA x Podium Mozaïek
IDFA x Tolhuistuin
IDFA x Melkweg: Talent Talks #1
IDFA x LAB111 x Amsterdam Dance Event

Subsidy providers and funds

IDFA receives regular subsidies from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the City of Amsterdam. In addition, IDFA receives contributions from various funds and other subsidy providers. Main partners Fonds 21 and the VSBfonds, as well as the Democracy and Media Foundation and Creative Europe Media, also support IDFA with contributions towards its audience programming and efforts to reach a new, young, diverse audience. Ammodo supports the annual competition programs, and all of IDFA’s activities aimed at the development of young talent receive support from Stichting Dioraphte, Vevam, Creative Europe Media and the NPO-fonds public broadcasters’ fund.

Alongside the audience programming and IDFAcademy, the European MEDIA program also supports the IDFA Forum co-financing market and the IDFA Bertha Fund. The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds culture fund is the main benefactor of the IDFA on Stage program. All DocLab activities, including a five-year R&D program in cooperation with MIT, are financed with support from the Netherlands Film Fund, and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science. In 2018, together with the Netherlands Film Fund, the IDFA Bertha Fund launched a new call for proposals aimed at promoting co-productions between Dutch and international producers. Finally, IDFA receives a contribution targeted specifically at strengthening the organization from JustFilms/Ford Foundation.


Businesses wishing to support documentaries can join Club IDFA. In 2018, fifteen organizations from the Amsterdam business community were affiliated with Club IDFA. The annual Club IDFA Dinner was held during the festival, attended by members with their own guests. In addition, various members and their guests visited one or more screenings from the festival program, accompanied by an exclusive drinks event. Finally, Club members always attend the IDFA Specials – special events that take place throughout the year.