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During 2018, we worked on IDFA’s positioning. Communications agency KesselsKramer developed a new visual identity, a manifesto, and a key message: IDFA provokes boundless curiosity. This formed the basis of our campaign and other communications. Our aim was to encourage the audience and professionals to reflect on the world around us; documentaries are unique, exceptional stories that disrupt us, make us think, inspire us, and can give us a creative experience. IDFA wishes to surprise its audience and at the same time guide them through what we have to offer on the basis of preference, interest, and themes. 

Our program was presented through various channels and media from October onwards. This year, for example, the announcement of the various program elements was spread across four moments. The competition films were the last to be revealed, during a large-scale press conference in Amsterdam’s De Balie venue, which could also be watched via a live stream on our website.

Our program magazine, which is distributed in a print run of 300,000 copies with the newspaper de Volkskrant, reaches a large audience of regular IDFA visitors every year. In 2018 we invested more in online communication (such as our social media, website, app, and newsletters) in order to also reach a younger, more culturally diverse audience. This group now also comes into contact with IDFA through the events IDFA organizes each month in cooperation with partner venues such as Melkweg, Tolhuistuin, and Podium Mozaïek.

A special focus was placed this year on communications for international film professionals. Greater investments were made in online communication and press, which resulted in a number of articles in leading international publications such as Variety and Screen International, as well as growth of our online channels. We also recorded a number of Industry Talks and sessions during the festival by means of videos and podcasts, meaning that part of the program could also be followed by professionals not attending the festival.

Audience reach: 284.752 visits

38% of the audience has visited at least 5 festival editions
24% has visited 3-5 editions
38% has visited 1-3 editions

  • Media partners

  • VPRO festival supplement: 152,500 copies
    de Volkskrant V-Special: 5,000 copies
    De Groene Amsterdammer Special: 34,000 copies
    VPRO Inside IDFA on NPO 2: 8 broadcasts
    VICE: 8 articles and banners with 100,000+ views (NL)


300,000 Program Magazines

3,000 Program Guides

12,000 IDFA Journals in 4 issues


125 A0 posters

1314 A2 posters

175 LCD screens

80 art screens

20 pillars

Festival trailer

89 venues


23,130 audience subscribers

19,534 industry subscribers

3,405 education subscribers

2,746 new media subscribers

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63,105 Facebook followers

29,804 Twitter followers

8,230 YouTube followers

8,986 Instagram followers

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17,237 Facebook followers

14,893 Twitter followers

7,647 IDFA DocLab Facebook followers

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