Empowering creative documentary films

What We Do

The IDFA Bertha Fund supports artistic, independent and critical voices from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The aim is to create a space for free artistic expression and support, and safeguard critical and relevant filmmaking. At the same time, we want to foster the growth of local documentary industries and contribute to a more balanced representation and (co-) ownership of documentary narratives. Support is offered for the development, production and distribution of documentary projects by talented filmmakers from these regions. On top of the financial support the Fund also plays a crucial advisory role, and acts as a matchmaker and promoter of the supported filmmakers and documentary films to financiers, producers, sales agents and festivals worldwide.

IBF Funding Schemes 

Applications to the IDFA Bertha Fund can be made in a variety of funding categories. In all categories, the Fund is looking for films that use strong visual treatments to tell compelling stories and have the potential to reach a global audience. 

IBF Classic offers direct development and production support to filmmakers from the IBF focus regions.

IBF Europe aims to stimulate the collaboration between independent European producers and producers from the abovementioned regions.

NFF + IBF Minority Co-production Scheme, a collaboration between the Dutch Film Fund and IBF aimed at stimulating Dutch producers to get involved in projects that have already received an IBF grant. 

Still from Talking About Trees, by Suhaib Gasmelbari.

Talent Development

After selection, the Fund offers a range of activities aimed at supporting filmmakers in their creative process, such as the IDFAcademy Summer School, a project-driven training program in July, the IDFAcademy during IDFA, a training program about the documentary industry in November and tailor-made consultancies and feedback.

IBF Harvest & Distribution

Each year, the completed documentary films are presented at IDFA and/or at IDFA’s market Docs for Sale, where international distributors, festival programmers and television buyers view the new documentary film harvest. Besides IDFA, IBF-supported documentary films also screen and win awards at other prestigious festivals, as well as many film festivals around the world.

IBF Network

The IBF has an extensive industry network encompassing both the international film industry and organizations active in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The broadest possible use is made of this network to offer supported filmmakers greater opportunities in the realization of their projects.

Still from Tiny Souls, by Dina Naser.