IDFA 2019: A Year in Review

We are proud to present IDFA 2019: A Year in Review, a publication about a very successful edition of IDFA. We find ourselves looking back proudly, yet taken aback by the critical global circumstances we find ourselves in today. In this report, we reflect on one of the most successful editions of IDFA to have yet taken place. We are proud of our accomplishments and we would like to thank everyone who contributed—we are grateful for all your efforts. That is an important point; one not to be overlooked. As we write this, uncertainty about the future is prevalent. Our hearts go out to all people whose health is at stake. We also stand in solidarity with our fellow film festivals who have had to close their doors or are yet to do so, as well as with filmmakers who do not know what the future holds for them. The current context is a source of uncertainty and fear—we, at IDFA, are experiencing this too. Yet, we are also hopeful. While it seems so trivial to look back on a world before the Coronavirus crisis, we want to proactively resist the urge to give in to fear and hopelessness. In choosing to look back, we are committing to look to the present and the future with an unwavering dedication that no crisis can undermine.

In the short time that this pandemic has ravaged the world, impressive amounts have simultaneously been accomplished. What has become clearer than ever before is that solidarity between filmmakers, festivals, and the film community makes us stronger. In standing together, we empathize, learn, and support each other. We share guidance and take action together. Together, we can make a difference. Art, and documentary film in particular, creates a bond—it inspires. Experiencing that sense of collectivity and creativity is important in times of crisis, now more than ever. All of this—our dedication and community—is what IDFA stands for, not only when reflecting on our 2019 edition, but also in moving forward into 2020. With that note, we proudly present our 2019 annual report. - Orwa Nyrabia (Artistic Director) & Cees van ’t Hullenaar (Executive Director)

Volunteers at the IDFA 2019 festival edition, welcoming visitors in Tuschinski cinema.