Vondel CS

VondelCS is an historic place in the middle of the multicultural city of Amsterdam. From 1972 to 2012, it already housed the Film Museum and since then it has been a base for various cultural initiatives and public parties, such as AVROTROS. In 2022, IDFA will move to VondelCS. As an international festival, IDFA will be visible all year round in this imposing place and plays a major role in the cultural life of the capital. IDFA is evolving from festival to physical institution with a mix of public screenings and private workshops and meetings for professionals, film students and school students. Film history and the future of new media come together and become accessible to a large audience. Everyone has the chance to experience the enchantment of a documentary film.

Programma VondelCS

  • Documentairy cinema
  • Series and specials
  • Digital and interactive media + VR-cinema
  • Summer of IDFA with open air screenings in the Vondelparc
  • Schoolscreenings
  • Workshops