Mexico - 2021 - Kani Lapuerta - 75 min.

Development €5.000,-

Gender issues adolescents

Synposis In the magical town of Tepoztlán, Mexico, Mati faces a binary society that tries to fit them into one gender or another. Between games and prejudices, this child is in the middle of their journey to adolescence, taking off a timid but certain flight towards the construction of their own identity.

“Mati's story is the childhood story that I think that all of us, and especially gender- nonconforming people, would have liked to have”

Kani Lapuerta

“The IDFA Bertha Fund for us as a team, far from being only a very pushing development fund, is the guarantee of having IDFA hallmark that would give prestige to our project and enable other"


Impact Campagin

We are developing an impact campaign that will accompany the film from its development phase to its premiere, with the central objective of raising awareness about anon-binary childhood and adolescence throught education.

The impact campaign focuses on “ Sexual and Gender Diversity education”. With 3 stages: 1st: Classmates, teachers and families. 2nd: Inclusive sex education in Mexican colleges and high schools. 3rd: Passing of the Gender Identity Childhood Law in Mexico.

The conjecture is imminent. Our premiere converges with the upcoming elections in the country. The campaign should begin now, accompanying the filming and post-production process to build strategic alliances.

Filmmaking in Mexico

A quote from Isabel Arrate Fernandez (director IDFA Bertha Fund):

"Mexico is a country where there is normally money for film from government support. However, the economic consequences of the pandemic mean that government support for film is now completely gone. In addition, it is difficult for this specific subject in the conservative society of Mexico to make this a topic of discussion and to obtain government support."

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The fundapplication for this film is €5.000,-.

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