Colombia, Chili, Denemarken - 2021 - Nicolas van Hemelryck, Clare Weiskopf - 75 min.

Production €17.500,-

Women's empowerment

Synposis How to project another destiny when you’re born without opportunities? 8 teenage girls who lived on the unforgiving streets of Bogota close their eyes and dream up a fictional classmate. Their soulful narrative reveals an amazing perseverance to break the cycle of violence and embrace their future.

Project details

Their fictional alter ego allows them to go beyond their biographies, creatively revealing the image they have of themselves. As they listen to their own stories, they open the door of reflection. The performative game moves between the trauma and vitality of their inner worlds, projecting their own dreams and sufferings. As they connect emotionally with their stories they forget about Alis and the ‘self’ appears. As each one imagines how the story ends, she also expresses her survival tools and the difficulties that she imagines lie in store for her. What are the chances of not repeating the cycle of abandonment and abuse? Is it possible to imagine a different life? Projecting their dreams elsewhere is the first step. ALIS is a psychological documentary, an intimate comingof-age story of hope revealed through the amazing perseverance of the girls. By closing their eyes, they can believe that a new universe is possible.

“We chose to work at the girls public boarding school as it is not an exception, but a sample of this situation: it houses girls who once lived on the street. Some of them are already mothers and others are sure to follow, and the risk of perpetuating the cycle of abandonment and violence that they experienced is very high. How can they not repeat what they have experienced if that is all they know?”

Nicolas van Hemelryck, Clare Weiskopf


IDFA Bertha Fund support

Support will allow us to shoot and edit a first roughcut, a requirement to confirm the support of broadcasters who have expressed great interest in the film. This will not only be a financial operation, nor just a seal of credibility. We cherish IBF’s support with three objectives: mentoring during production and editing (this will be key for this project), finding the right partners to complete the budget, and getting support on our distribution and impact campaign. In other words, helping us to find ways to make the most powerful, honest and universal film, ensuring that it reaches its global audience.

Filmmaking in Colombia

Quote from Isabel Arrate Fernandez (director IDFA Bertha Fund):

"Colombia is a country with a very violent history, which is completely noticeable and tangible in society, resulting in major social differences. There is normally very little government support available for film, but this has come to a halt due to the economic impact of the pandemic."

Help in enhancing the freedom of creative expression in countries where it is necessary!

The fundapplication for this film is €17.500,-.

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