Program & Timetable


On this page, you will find the daily schedule of the IDFAcademy program. To fit the time zone's differences, we divided you into two official IDFAcademy groups. In the program, each activity mentions for which group(s) the activity is scheduled. All times in the program are UTC+1 time!

In case you want to see in which group you are, who your other group members are, and who your tutor during the IDFAcademy is, go to the Participants page.

Brief description of the program elements

Group meetings Group meetings are always only with your own group, moderated by your Group Tutor. Here you can continue the conversation about the topics discussed in the plenary sessions and discuss your own projects. Plenary Sessions The Plenary Sessions are a talk with renowned professionals of the industry for all participants. Expert meeting The Expert meetings are brief moments where an expert will present themselves and there will be time to ask them your questions. Depending on the expert, these will be longer or shorter discussions.

After the festival

We want to meet you again after the festival to do catch-up and to re-encounter your tutor! – Date & time to be announced