IDFA and ASML can join forces and focus on a sustainable future together, by enabling educational activities, supporting (new) innovative artists and filmmakers/talent/ and create an projectspace where art and technology come together. ASML and IDFA can bring young people in contact with art and science and discover how contemporary artists build innovative projects that contribute to a better world.


Unlocking the potential of people and society by pushing technology to new limits.

We enable groundbreaking technology to solve some of humanity’s toughest challenges.

Together with our partners, we provide leading patterning solutions that drive the advancement of microchips.


A significant element of IDFA’s mission is to connect people from all over the world by sharing stories that open new talent and perspectives, to support room for discussion. These stories inspire future generations to build a future-proof world where is place for experiment and innovation.


- Financial contribution - Each year IDFA organizes an international talent day in Eindhoven, where young talents can pitch their work and ideas. ASML is official host of this event and can organize events during this day.

- ASML will make a team of researchers available to assist participants of DocLab to further develop their works. - ASML will host a hub where particpants of DocLab can further develop their work in the right conditions. - The education program of IDFA is combined with technology: the lessons focus on innovation, technoly and sustainability