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Still from Salamanca by Ruslan Fedotow

The To Watch List is a collection of films and talks intended to inspire and prepare for the IDFA Project Space program. Every month, it is updated with new films and talks. Below you will find an interesting list to start with: films by participants that have previously been selected for IDFA.

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I Don’t Feel at Home Anywhere Anymore

Viv Li - Belgium, China - 2020 - 16 min IDFA Competition for Student Documentary 2020

During Christmas Holiday, a 30-year-old Chinese student from a Belgium art school goes back home to China. In the 9-day trip, she visits her family, friends, ex-boyfriend and explores an alternative life of herself in Beijing. Having lived abroad for 10 years, she struggles to relate to the reality of her hometown, yet enough to feel like a stranger. As an artist, she also faces self-doubt and disbelief, but the pressure of Chinese society hinders her decision to settle back home. The in-betweenness of her identity reveals during the encounters of the 9-day vacation. No-dialogue-translation form used by the film creates a bigger distance to the concept of home, both for the audience and the filmmaker. The short documentary comedy tends to provide an intimate look into the dilemma of many Chinese living abroad, wanting to live abroad and the lived abroad who are now home.

The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear

Tinatin Gurchiani - Georgia, Germany - 2012 - 97 min. IDFA Competition for First Appearance 2012

A film director announces a casting for 15-23 year old youth. This search bring her to different locations: villages and the cities. There are a lot of people who come to the casting on their own: some are interested in becoming part of a film, other are ready to share their sentimental stories or seek for strength to carry out their major resolutions... Those who prove to be interested enough are followed through various dramatic situations. One more chance, to think about meaning of life and destiny, about wars, dreams and happiness.


Ruslan Fedotow, Alexandra Kulak - Russia - 2015 - 40 min.

IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary 2015

In Salamanca time stopped two hundred years ago, when the first Mennonites came to Mexico in search of their place on the Earth. Here everything is predetermined, and lives of the descendants are repeating lives of their ancestors. Private story here is only a part of family history, and one man’s destiny tells us about any other one. While the hero of the film recalls his childhood in search of the right answer to the most important question of all his life, days, months, and years slowly go by in Salamanca.


María Silvia Esteve - Argentina, Chile - 2018 - 103 min.

IDFA Competition for First Appearance 2018

In a helpless attempt to reconstruct her mother’s life, Silvia’s daughter tries to give meaning to a story tainted with violence and denial, as she experiments with the blurry images of her parents and the reminiscences of her sisters. The film deals with all that pulsates beneath the omissions, the deviations that arise from trying to piece together Silvia’s memory, that speak of the bond between a mother and her daughters, and the unspoken words that find new meanings beyond pain.


Lucy Parker - United Kingdom - 2019 - 75 min

IDFA Competition for First Appearance 2019

Investigations and interviews reveal shocking practices in the British construction industry, which for years kept a secret blacklist of workers who complained about working conditions. Multiple voices bear witness to an ongoing struggle for justice.

Songs for Kit

Ruslan Fedotow - Belarus, Russia - 2017 - 57 min.

IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary 2017

A girl — or a woman? — wearing a bright red scarf, plush mouse in tow. Looking at her you won’t guess she’s 50 and homeless for three years. She survives in the cold streets of Moscow by her incredible passion to live.

The Postcard

Asmae El Moudir - Morocco - 2020 - 83 min.

IDFA Competition for First Appearance 2020

Forgotten in the pages of an old book, a scenic postcard, picturing mountains sprinkled here and there with small villages, marks the starting point of an inner quest. While many would see this card as just a simple tourist’s souvenir, its meaning runs much deeper than that. Far from being an inquiry, this film is in essence exetential journey to the place of my mother’s cradle. It is called Zawia.

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