Love Song. Pastorale

Tinatin Gurchiani (director) & Tamar Gurchiani (producer)



How would you spend the last years of your life? With past, present, or future? And when the evening of life arrives, what would you remember? A film about love and passion and what remains at the end of life. Four stories about love in the elderly and the four seasons of love.

Project Description

What will happen if we give erotic books to elderly people and ask them to make comments about them? Perhaps at first there will be a smile and an awkward silence, then a comment and a comparison, then – memories; memories about their lives, love, erotic experience, truth and fantasy, which are otherwise a tabooed subject. Any answers or comments tell us about their lives and values. But we need not only they past: we have 4 stories from nowdays from elderly- 4 stories and 4 seasons of love. We start the film with an experiment, which is simple but has an interesting form: we visit different regions, towns and villages in Georgia with absolutely uncensored and unimpeded love poetry – often scabrous folkloric works – in our hands; in utterly different places and contexts we ask different individuals involved in many different activities – mainly the elderly, alone or together with others, in corn fields, on beaches, in shops or yards – to read the poetry. Through poetry, which is just a featuring method, we try to remove the boundaries that prevent from speaking about taboo themes such as love, eroticism and sexuality, although not general or theoretical, but personal, something they have experienced. The protagonists of our film are mainly the elderly people who no longer need to censor these themes. This is not be just a delightful film with old people and poetry. It might be very radical and dramatic, based on the characters and stories. And we will try to combine their reality with their experiences. We would like to underline the idea that just “reading” the poetry and its interpretation is not the main thing in this film. The reading of the poetry itself might not take up a big part: it is just a grab handle for our protagonists, it is only a stimulator, the corkscrew to recall things and start to speak about them. The main thing in all this are the induced emotions, memories, activities in the context of the present day. We have beside to our journey in world of memories about love and erotics 4 main characters. The characters and their stories should be very emotional, touching, dramatic and make real film stories which people are usually used to see only in feature films. As already mentioned, The film will have a part with “random” encounters with different people, with poetry - which isn’t going just to illustrate characters or landscapes but to give them a different note/color, sometimes a counterpoint to what happens in film and with our characters.

Current status of production As already mentioned, we started to film our main protagonists on 4 seasons they match to their stories and filmed other beside stories in different parts of country. But in regard to current covid-19 situation which changed our priorities/feelings for humans/the world, we are now rethinking our concept and the stories and protagonists as well. So we start in a way from point zero and it’s not clear yet, if old stories from footage stay or other, new stories will take place in our film. We left this project in the closet till now and continue with new feelings and senses from may 2021.

Tinatin Gurchiani

Tinatin Gurchiani was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied painting and psychology in Germany and Austria. After receiving her diploma with honors in psychology she studied directing at the University of Film and Television Konrad Wolf (HFF) in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany, and graduated with honors in 2010. With her student film in 2007, Gurchiani won the DAAD Award for artistic and social engagement in film and in 2012, with her diploma film she was nominated for German Film Academy Award First Steps 2012. The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear was her first feature film, which was shown and awarded at numerous festivals in over 140 countries, including IDFA, Sundance, Hot Docs, Dok Leipzig, Thessaloniki IFF, Viennale, AFI Docs, Visions Du Reel Nyon, Busan International Film Festival etc. and won Best Director at Sundance 2013, Filmmaker Award at Hot Docs 2013, It’s All True Award in Brazil etc. Tinatin Gurchiani lives and works in Tbilisi and Berlin.

Tamar Gurchiani

Tamar Gurchiani studied oriental languages in Georgia and Germany. In 2005 she participated in the Robert Bosch Foundation qualification program for Cultural Managers. In 2006 – 09 she organized the South Caucasus Documentary Film Festival for Peace and Human Rights. In 2011 she joined Europe House Georgia as a Cultural Program Manager. In 2010 she produced Away and in 2012 The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear, both directed by Tinatin Gurchiani, 2020 – she produced together with Tinatin Gurchiani TV-Series In Treatment for Georgia.

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