Lucy Parker (director)

United Kingdom


Inquiry follows the journey of a present day Public Inquiry into the alarming activities of an undercover policing unit which monitored the activities of political, environmental and family justice groups in the UK over a 40 year period.

Project Description

In 2015 the then UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, set up a public inquiry into undercover policing in the England and Wales in response to findings that police had spied on the family and activists campaigning for justice for Stephen Lawrence who was murdered in a racist attack. The policing unit in focus in the inquiry was set up in 1968 to police the anti-Vietnam War protests in London, during the units 40 years of operation they were involved infiltrating more than 1,000 activist and community groups in the UK. The current public inquiries remit is to ‘examine the contribution that undercover policing has made to tackling crime’ and where police misused their power. The core participants of the inquiry included women who were unknowingly in relationships with undercover police officers, family justice campaigns, activists, trade unionists. The inquiry raises questions of what role and rights does a democratic state have in monitoring and subverting the activities of political and social justice groups and what is the definition of public interest? In developing this film, I will also be researching: The role of a public inquiry in enabling justice by looking at the working of a number of inquiries in the UK and questioning the frameworks of justice. Particularly questioning the role of truth finding as a healing process. Looking into histories of policing dissent in the UK and abroad. I will find a form for the film that will capture the work of those involved in giving evidence to the inquiry including, including planning meetings, campaign work and interviews as well as creatively bringing in broader themes possibly through staging, narration and archive. This follows on from my previous film Solidarity which includes the narratives of trade unionists who were impacted by undercover policing.

Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker is an artist filmmaker living in London. She studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London where she started making films. Her experiences of different workplaces have largely directed the focus of her films, often looking at models of education and community organising and resistance. She frequently sets up dramatic scenarios for dialogue to take place to explore ways in which communities form and work together. Her films have been screened at film festivals in UK and internationally including Rotterdam International Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Sheffield Doc Fest. In 2019 she was the recipient of the IDFA First Appearance Award for her film Solidarity. Her work is distributed by LUX, London.

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