Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava

Nong Nhat Quang (director)



When an unplanned baby enters the lives of a conservative mother, mentally ill daughter, and detached gay son, the dysfunctional trio travels back in time through their diaries to mend ruptured bonds, rewrite memories, and prepare for a new cycle of motherhood.

Project Description

Quang (fabulously gay, 23) always sees his childhood as an endless loop of daily conflict between his mother - Cuc (traditionally elegant, 56) and sister - Mai (slightly delusional, 32). Out and proud away from the family, he becomes Quang (obedient son, 5) each time he visits home and re-enters the loop. When his sister is diagnosed with schizophrenia and later unexpectedly pregnant, Quang realizes that this time loop he always knew is coming to an end. Suddenly, his sister becomes a mother, their mother is now the grandmother, and he - the youngest child, becomes an uncle. As the unknown surrounds the family, they each prepare for the new cycle of motherhood in their own way. While Cuc researches the impact of antipsychotics on fetal development, Quang starts making a time capsule out of voice recordings, photographs and this very film. He wants to prevent the ruptures that he experienced from happening to his nephew. He takes Cuc and Mai to the time when they were his age, before adulthood took them away with its endless expectation. Quang (former child, 23) brings Cuc (hardworking communist, 23), Mai (quirky muse with an existential crisis, 23), and himself together through the reading of their own diaries. The trio fills their memory gaps and learns about each other's hidden lives. Maybe, they’ll finally see one another. Maybe, they’ll learn how to love and accept differences. Or maybe not. But one thing is certain - his nephew won’t grow up detached from the family, like Quang once did.

Nong Nhat Quang

Nong Nhat Quang is a filmmaker based in Hanoi. Although his first documentary about a gay dating app was banned, it led to his participation in the Queer Asia project, where he directed two documentaries about queer culture in Vietnam. He is an alumnus of the Tribeca Institute IF/Then Shorts Doc, Docs By The Sea, Asia Doc and IDFAcademy. Besides working on his feature film, he’s also part of Doc Cicada – a local documentary development initiative.

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