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Film still: Day After..., dir. Kamar Ahmad Simon

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Supervisory Board

Chair: Marry de Gaay Fortman, Partner Houthoff Secretary: Marischka Leenaers, Consultant in fundraising and sponsoring Foreign Affairs Treasurer: Michael Kembel, Finance Professional Member: Femke van der Laan, Writer and Journalist Member: Henk Siebren de Jong, CEO of the Philips Domestic Appliances business of Royal Philips Member: Bregtje van der Haak, Documentary filmmaker and Journalist

Staff Filmmaker Support Department

Deputy Director IDFA | Executive Director IDFA Bertha Fund: Isabel Arrate Fernandez Head of Talent Development: Meike Statema Project Manager: Mélanie de Vocht IDFA Bertha Fund Producer: Juliette Garms IDFA Bertha Fund Producer: Félicie Crijns IDFAcademy Producer: Dymme Plomp Filmmaker Support Producer: Mónica Baptiste Gouffray


IDFA Bertha Fund is supported by:

Collaboration with international organizations

Throughout the year, the Fund is in contact with various organizations to exchange information and knowledge about documentary films, filmmakers, organizations, and contacts. These include Dox Box in Berlin, Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program in the US, DOCUBOX in Kenia, AfriDocs in South Africa, the Hot Docs-Blue Ice Documentary Fund in Canada, AFAC in Lebanon, In-Docs in Indonesia, Docedge in India, and Movies that Matter Foundation in the Netherlands. While travel restrictions minimized the exchange and (physical) contact among film industry colleagues, this network and maintaining contact with our network online made it possible for the Fund to stay up to date. The IDFA Bertha Fund is also part of a network of co-production funds which includes the Hubert Bals Fund, World Cinema Fund, ACM Distribution, and Torino Filmlab. These funds consult each other on a regular basis and share experiences on the implementation of the co-production schemes in the Creative Europe program. The Fund also maintains a number of structural relationships with organizations in the IBF regions. Every year, in collaboration with consultants, the IBF participates in workshops and festivals all over the world in order to promote the Fund and IDFA, to extend its network and to provide concrete professional support to filmmakers from IBF-focus countries. These visits enable the Fund to add local organizations to its network. While it was not possible to travel to events in 2021, IBF-consultants participated, from their own homes, in online documentary film events in Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico, Peru, Qatar, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Ukraine and Uruguay.

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Address | Frederiksplein 52, 1017 XN Amsterdam

Phone | +31 (0)20 627 33 29


Text: Mélanie de Vocht, Isabel Arrate Fernandez, Juliette Garms

Production: Mélanie de Vocht, Juliette Garms, Mónica Baptiste

Interviews: Juliette Garms, Julia Yudelman, Vladan Petkovic Copy editing and translation: Roxy Merrell Graphic design: Theo Imhoff Photography: Roger Cremers, Coen Dijkstra, Jurre Rompa, Thomas Schlijper, Roos Trommelen

Film still: The Souls, dir. Laura Basombrío