IBF at IDFA Forum 2020

This year, eight projects supported by the Fund are selected for IDFA Forum, one of the most influential meeting places for filmmakers, creators, and producers working on creative documentaries and new media projects. Of these projects, three are selected for the Round Table Pitches and two are selected for the Rough Cut Presentations. In addition to the open pitches, IDFA Forum will offer a special category this year to help producers follow up on previous encounters and make new connections during the pandemic. Three IBF-supported projects are selected for this category. Click on the titles below to learn more about the selected projects. Visit this page for the day-to-day schedule of the IDFA Forum and to find out when the IDFA Bertha Fund projects are pitching. Please note: in order to see the project's full information on our website, make sure to be logged in to your MyIDFA account when clicking on the links provided below.

Project selected for the Round Table Pitches


Shahrokh Bikaran, Ilyas Yourish Afghanistan

After a young girl from the mountains of central Afghanistan mysteriously commits suicide inside Kabul University, her family’s calm rural life enters into painful events. Parents are now looking for justice in one of the world’s most corrupt judicial systems; while Freshta - their younger daughter attempts to gain admission to the same university.

Go here to see the full information of the project.

Letters from Ms. Iran

Farahnaz Sharifi, Leyla Rouhi Iran

Two Iranian women, one generation apart, write letters to each other in which they narrate an alternative history of Iran. Go here to see the full information of the project.


Meena Nanji, Zippy Kimundu United States, Kenya, Portugal

Wanjugu Kimathi, a powerful African woman, leads a struggle for narrative and economic justice in Kenya, by exposing long-buried colonial atrocities and building a nation-wide grassroots movement for land reparations. Go here to see the full information of the project.

Projects selected for the Rough Cut Presentations

The Golden Thread

Nishtha Jain India, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Netherlands

Outside Kolkata, jute mills crank on, virtually unchanged since the industrial revolution. How does the work powered by steam and sweat, its sensory experience thereof, dance with the labour of filmmaking? Go here to see the full information of the project.

Witnesses from the Shadows

Ousmane Samassekou France, Mali, South Africa

Bordering the Sahel desert stands a house, as a safe haven for African migrants on their way to Europe, or returning home. How do you prepare to face your family, when you are going home with nothing and leave your dreams behind? Go here to see the full information of the project.

Extra Projects selected for IDFA Forum


Shaunak Sen India

The story of Delhi’s apocalyptic air is told through an unlikely figure – the black kite, and its human entanglements.

Go here to see the full information of the project.


Theo Montoya Colombia, Argentina, Romania

After members of the queer scene in Medellín, Colombia are cast for a vampire movie, the film’s protagonist - Camilo Najar - dies of a heroin overdose at age 21. As the youth in Colombia grapple with suicide and drug overdoses, Anhell69 tries to explore this generation’s “nonfuture” mindset. Go here to see the full information of the project.


Hanna Badziaka, Alexander Mihalkovich Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden

Svetlana sent her only son Sasha to the army with pride. Soon officials returned his dead body with the statement - suicide. Mother started her own investigation, revealing repetitive facts of cruelty and bullying in the army. While she fights for justice and unites other mothers, other recruits get conscripted into the army.

Go here to see the full information of the project.

Discover the complete IBF Harvest at IDFA

Aside from the IBF supported projects pitching at IDFA Forum, there is also a selection of IBF supported films, IDFAcademy participants and films in Docs for Sale at IDFA 2020, which you can discover here.

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