Programma 20 tot en met 22 maart

Dikke Vrienden on Tour

Beste Marlo, Karen, Erik-Jan, Jan-Willem, Vincent, Francois, Stephanie, Marischka, Patrick, Dian, Paulien, Marieke, Jonathan, Christine en Michel,

het is bijna zover en dan vliegen we allemaal naar de bruisende stad Kopenhagen. Van de meesten weet ik dat ze in SP 134 verblijven. Een fijn hotel met geweldig ontbijt!

Ik heb 2 reserveringen gemaakt voor een gezamenlijk diner en een filmvoorstel. Ik hoor graag of jullie vrijdag en/of zaterdag deelnemen aan het diner en welke documentaires je wilt bezoeken uit de IDFA tips!

Mail me voor zaterdag 22 februari 18.00 of je deelneemt aan de diners en welke films je wilt bezoeken.

In onderstaand programma vind je ook musea die je als je dat leuk vindt met (een deel van) de groep of individueel kunt bezoeken.

Nog meer tips over winkelen, lunchen en cultuur kun je inzien via deze website:

Als je de app van Donkey Republic op je gsm zet kun heel eenvoudig een van de vele fietsen op straat gebruiken.

Tot over 4 weken!

Hartelijke groet, Marloes

Ps. neem een parapluutje mee!

Vrijdag 20 maart: Leftover Women 17.00 (84 min) Palace Will 4

If, as a Chinese woman, you are not married at the age of 27, you will be labeled as 'sheng now' - a woman who has left.And then it is not easy to create a life in a country where the pressure from both family and society is great to carry on the family and the nation, and not stand outside.34-year-old lawyer Qiu HuaMei has chosen the career, and Xu Min, 28, and Gai Qi, and 36, are up against their own families in the race to find love before it's too late.But now that the fatal consequences of the one-child policy have become visible to everyone, public dating festivals are set in motion. The question is just whether a marriage is always the way to happiness.

Vrijdag 20 maart: Shadow Flowers
17.30 (107 min)
Charlottenborg Mezzaninen

Ryun-hee Kim is North Korean, but she has been living in South Korea since 2011—against her will. Returning to South Korea’s northern enemy proves extremely difficult. An unsettling tale that turns our ideas about North and South Korea on their head.

Vrijdag 21 maart 2020
Paté Paté

The Meatpacking District is booming, with cool restaurants as well as galleries and studios.

Paté Paté
– life is too short for boring food

Paté Paté is the oldest restaurant in The Meatpacking Districtand offers delicious food and wine.

When you visit Paté Paté you experience a relaxed vibe, in authentic and rustic surroundings.
The food is inspired by Spanish and French cuisines.

The ‘Chef’s Choice’ menu is served “Family Style” on large plates for you and your guests to share.

3 starters 2 mains + 2 side orders 1 dessert + a little something for the coffee.

€50,- (zonder drankjes)


Zaterdag 21 maart 2020 Last Days of Summer (56 min) 12.00 Cinemateket Carl

They've been partying through their 20s.Now Tamara, Ponek and Sierzput need to figure out what is going to happen in their lives.Tamara is a feminist, but also a hopeless romantic.Sierzput has just won her boyfriend back, but is struggling to hold on to her.And out of sheer boredom, Ponek has broken his own rule number one and has begun to go to bed with his friends.Three lives, intertwined in a fog of cigarette smoke and canned beer over a long summer in a concrete gray Warsaw, where the desire to party to the bright morning is never far away.Danish Karl Forchhammer's film is an entertaining and existential tale with raw edges.

Zaterdag 21 maart 2020 17.30

BÆST heeft een social dining room waar we gezamenlijk dineren.

A place where the best Danish, local, sustainable and organic produce is combined with Italian craftsmanship to create a unique dining experience. Made by hand and eaten by hand!

• 7 courses to share served in an easy flow - Family Style 

• 2 glasses of wine (white and/or red)

• Filtered water, sparkling/still

€ 70,-

Zaterdag 21 maart: Dick Johnson Is Dead
19.45 (89 min)
Empire Will 1

Eminent cinematographer Kirsten Johnson ('Cameraperson') is slowly saying goodbye to his beloved father Dick. Slowly, because this formidable man and experienced psychiatrist's mind is so tragically about to weather in dementia. In an attempt to keep him alive, she chooses to kill him - but only on film. She stages his death (and the ladder to heaven!) In countless inventive ways, filming each scene as a small film starring Dick himself.Does that sound far out? The Johnson couple's movie is so much more than that.'Dick Johnson is Dead' is touching, fun and completely unpredictable all the way to the grand finale that will make one lose their nose and mouth. Kirsten and Dick's mutual trust and unusual father / daughter relationship are at the heart of a singular movie that anyone who has tried to lose anyone.


Zondag 22 maart: At the same time on Earth 12.00 (72 min) Charlottenborg Social Cinema

Jean Cocteau's words that films show us death at work are taken literally in Carl Olsson's humble and very human portrayal of the last great taboo in the Nordic welfare state. And yet. It is, rather, the whole of the life that unfolds around death that we observe here.The hospital, the crematorium, the cemetery. Throughout Olsson's films, it is not just one of them how it all ties together. Not least do you understand how we humans are connected to each other without knowing it. In theatrical but warm and often underplayed cheerful scenes, we meet the still alive at work.

Zondag 22 maart: Overseas
12.00 (72 min)
Palads zaal 10

How do you protect yourself against sexual harassment? How do you react to an abusive boss? In the Philippines, prospective housekeepers participate in role-playing games to learn how to deal with their wealthy and demanding future employers.

Zondag 22 maart:Love child
12.30 (112 min)
Cinemateket Asta

They are blissfully happy together, have a cute little son and are ready for a new start. But there’s a big problem: Leila and Sahand are both still married to other people. And in Iran, there are severe penalties for adultery.

In the opening minutes of Love Child, the couple flees to neighboring Turkey to apply for refugee status and escape the perilous situation they face in Tehran. This proves to be a lengthy struggle. The Danish director Eva Mulvad follows the lovers over six years as they start a new life and laboriously progress through the asylum procedure. We see their fear and uncertainty, although their trust in each other always comes first.

The radical political changes taking place in Iran mean that Leila and Sahand are by no means the only ones who feel forced to flee the country. Mulvad films their hardest and happiest moments, without anyone seeming to mind the presence of the camera. Together with footage shot by Sahand himself, Love Child brings life as a refugee movingly close.

Zondag 22 maart: The Kingmaker
14.20 (100 min)
Grand Theatre 3

There’s great poverty in the Philippines, but the Marcos family is awash with money. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos proudly talks about her patriotism, but the main thing that strikes us is the deep-rooted, inexhaustible corruption.

Zondag 22 maart: Acasa, my home
14.30 (85 min)

In the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta, nine children and their parents lived in perfect harmony with nature for 20 years until they are chased out and forced to adapt to life in the big city. Directed by Radu Ciorniciuc.

Copenhagen Contemporary

Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) is Copenhagen’s international art center showing installation art created by world stars and new emerging talents. CC occupies the magnificent former B&W welding hall offering a total of 7,000 m2 of beautiful industrial halls with plenty of space to show the technical and large formats in which many contemporary artists work: total installations, performance art, and monumental video works. Art that can often be entered and sensed with the whole body.

11:00 - 18:00

18+: 100 DKK Senior: 65 DKK


Louisiana museum

LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART is a leading international museum of modern art. Located on the coast it strikes that rarest of balances between landscape, architecture, and art in a unique interaction that attracts visitors from around the world and makes a visit to Louisiana something special throughout the year.

Buy a combined Museum ticket and train for only 210 DKK

DKK 130 museum only


On the Danish State Railway (DSB), the Sound coastal route takes about 35 minutes from Copenhagen’s Central Station and 10 minutes from Helsingør.
From Humlebæk Station, it is a 10-minute walk to the museum

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