IDFA is a non-profit organization. The organization has 35 employees and in the run-up to the festival IDFA is reinforced by 60 freelancers and 600 volunteers that are partly responsible for the production of the festival. IDFA is a financially stable organization with a broad funding mix and is supported by a structural subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Municipality of Amsterdam. In addition, we are supported by various national and international funds, both public and private. Other important sources of income are the ticket sales.


Executive director: Cees van 't Hullenaar

Artistic director: Orwa Nyrabia

The board of IDFA is represented by:

Chair: Marry de Gaay Fortman

Secretary: Marischka Leenaers

Treasurer: Michael Kembel

Members: Henk Siebren de Jong, Femke van der Laan, Bregtje van der Haak.

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